• Yoga Classes and Workshops

    • Hatha Yoga (Aka Bikram 26+2)

      At our studio, Hatha Yoga is 26 + 2 postures practiced in 104 degrees, 45% humidity and can be a fun challenge that gets you in shape with a community. Follow along with the instructions and get Hot, Healthy and Hatha!

    • Yin Yoga Nidra

      Balance your hormones and become one with your body and mind!

      What is Yin Yoga Nidra, as known as Tri Dosha Balancing Asana?

      "Dosha" is an Ayurvedic term which refers to the hormones in your body.  Depending on the time of the day, month, or year there can be certain imbalances in our bodies, namely coming from the organs.  When in a state of deep relaxation, prana is able to flow freely through out the body, uninhibited by our conscious mind.  The human system uses bio-feed back to recognize these imbalances and corrects these imbalances automatically, the same way your heart beats without you having to consciously think about it.  You can also use bio-feed back in your yoga practice by listening to the messages your body is sending you, for example if there is pain, be easy and kind to your body.  In the Tri-Dosha series, we use bio-feed back to guide us through the postures in order to express postures intuitively.

      The practice is performed with the eyes always closed, and the only part of the practice that should be performed actively is relaxation.  This gives the subconscious the opportunity to express itself freely and therefore, the true self is also expressed freely.  The goal is to relax deeply into each posture, this way your brain hormones (ie. endorphines, dopamine) are maximized and lactic acid build ups are minimized.  In this state of deep relaxation, tension is able to release and any stresses attached to those tensions can also be released.

      The most important part of this yoga practice is your intention.  During this yoga practice we create an intention to relax deeply, be kind and to love ourselves, without any illusions.  In this practice, we culture the hormones to remain in a balance, keeping endorphines and dopamine levels high, hleping us stay in deep relaxation to cope with our stressful lives.

      Tri- Dosha Balancing is a "yin" style of yoga, where as the is a 26 + 2 is a "yang" style of yoga, therefore every posture is started on the left.  It is a great way to balance any yoga practice.

      This workshop will be much more relaxed, and lower temperature than the normal 26 + 2 hot yoga class. Much of the time is spent on the floor, relaxing and stretching.

    • Vinyasa Flow Inversion

      Vinyasa Flow w/ Inversion is a great way to complement your hot yoga workout! It's focus is on upper body and core flow, which helps prepare you for inversions like headstands and handstands. This class is warm but not hot, and has a workshop element to encourage students to ask questions and explore! Come join the fun! You will be surprised at how easy being upside is! Open to all levels.

    • An Example of a Workshop: Walk and Wine

      Bring a partner and join us for a Walking massage workshop where you and your partner will be taught to use your feet and body to massage each other.

      Ayurvedic walking massage is a short and efficient massage modality that covers the entire system, without stressing the hands.

      Bring a notebook and a partner, or come meet a new friend!

      Afterwards, enjoy a glass or two of wine with friends and yoga family.

      Fee is $30, length is 1.5-2 hours.